A Mountain Escapade – Brevard, NC

For a girl who grew up surrounded by mountains, living in Miami can get a little too plain for me. Don’t get me wrong, I loooooove Miami, and I loooove having the beach as my backyard (#ilivewhereyouvacation), and I don’t take it for granted, but…

There’s just something about those mountains, the peace and tranquility you get when you stare out your window and see those rolling hills. There’s nothing quite like it, don’t you think?

NCvacations-45-1024x545(pp_w768_h408) A Mountain Escapade - Brevard, NC

Sooo, I conviced my husband to go on a mountain escapade (yes, I have those kinds of powers) back in December. It was not an easy task as he usually prefers beach locations where we just sit by the beach and do nothing. But I sold him on the mountains, and the cooler weather, and his only request was that we stay in a cabin away from everything, and we did exactly that.

After a few searches, we found our dream cabin in airbnb. The views were amaaaaaazing! Check it out 🙂

During these crazy times, my only concern was the flight. My husband didn’t want to drive with two kids in tow (I get it), but I didn’t want to fly in the middle of a pandemic. So, he had to convince me (yes, he has those kinds of powers) to get on a plane with two kids. My son had just turned two, so he now was required to have his own seat. I decide to take our travel carseat with us and as soon as we got on the plane, I locked him in there for the entire ride! This was the only way I had peace of mind that he would not be moving around the plane licking the seats and floors like a regular toddler would. He also refused to wear his mask most of the time so I was glad he was stranded to his chair at least.

We flew on AA, and despite their attempts to follow COVID precautions (there was no food service, they gave you wipes to clean your seat, etc), those planes were full to the last seat! So you can imagine my brain just being overly alert for the entire ride.

Anyway, we got to Asheville airport, picked up our rental car and started our drive to Brevard, NC. Finding the house took a little while because it was literally hidden in the middle of the mountains, but once we found it we were all so excited to spend a few days surounded by nothing but mountains (and a few bears).

Once in Brevard, we mostly stayed home just chilling, but we did go out to explore the area a bit. If you are ever in Brevard with kids, I highly recommend the Crystal Mountain Gem Mine in downtown Brevard, a drive or hike through the Pisgah National Forest is definitely a must especially to take a look at some of their gorgeous waterfalls (Brevard is know as the ‘land of waterfalls’), and if you’re into beer, then definitely pay a visit to some of their breweries. I am NOT into beers, but I still enjoyed visiting, and the kids had fun just running around their outdoor patios. Other than that, we mostly explored around our cabin. We actually had a waterfall walking distance from the house! That was so much fun for the kids 🙂

Anyway, we got our mountain fix for the year, and are currently pretty content with our Miami landscapes and warmer weather :).

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