About Me


Hi, I'm Sara Salavarria

The photographer behind DBP. I'm a natural light photographer and I consider myself lucky to have beautiful Miami as my playground. With endless sunshine at my disposal, I'm here to help you capture your family's stories through timeless and sunshine filled imagery.


Why I love photography? It allows me to freeze those moments in life that would otherwise be forgotten. I love capturing memories as they happen and count it a privilege to tell your stories through my photographs :).


How it all started? My husband gifted me my first 'big camera' (DSLR) back in 2010. I took it upon myself to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about shooting a camera. I spent countless hours teaching myself and practicing; and basically, I haven't stopped since then :).


A little about my personal life so we can be in a first name basis from now on, ok?


I was born and raised in Honduras, but have enjoyed calling Miami my home for the past 10 years. I have a thing for spicy foods, scary movies, mystery thriller books, and of course, Photography!


I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Luis, and I'm a mom to a 7 year old girl (Eva), and a 2-year-old boy (Luca). We also are parents to two rescued dogs: Anushka (11) and Choppy(2). Between the two legged littles and the 4 legged fur friends, we stay pretty busy.


Meet them below! They are my biggest inspiration, my greatest supporters, my ALL :)

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