Children Photography: Tips on photographing Kids

I’m showcasing another maternity session at the beach today because why not? 🙂

Despite the very windy day we had on the day of this session, these trio rocked their session like pros! Photographing a two year old is never easy, especially when said two year old has skipped a nap. But, there is nothing bribery can’t fix. Don’t you think?

My main trick when I get a challenging kiddo who won’t follow directions (which let’s face it, it’s all of them hehe) –> NEVER STOP SHOOTING. I keep my camera close and my finger on the shutter ALL THE TIME because you know what? They’ll give you the pose you want when you least expect it. And let me tell you, if you missed the shot, you missed the shot :(.

Here a a few pointers I live by when photographing kids during any type of session. I live by these rules and if I keep them close to my heart during a session, I’m telling you, they make my sessions go a lot more smoother. In my opinion, if you, as the photographer, keep your calm, parents can keep their calm, which in turn transfers to the kiddos.

  1. Never rush a Kid. Plan to have more than enough time for a session where kids are involved. There could always be delays and/or meltdowns that you did not account for. Therefore, give yourself extra time. A rushed kid is not a happy kid. Trust me. If you don’t, go ahead and try it, and let me know how it goes ;).
  2. Never force a kid into a certain pose. This one is gold. If the kid does not want to do the pose, the kid will not do the pose and It is not worth insisting if you’re going to upset him/her. Just find another pose. This is a case where bribery could do the trick. Try getting the pose through bribery, but if it still not happening, MOVE ON. If you see an opportunity later on in the session where you could probably try again, do it! But again, if its not happening, don’t stress it.

Ok, enough writing for now. I’ll come back to this topic on another post. Now on to the photos! Check them out and feel free to leave a message below to let me know what you think.

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