Miami’s 8 best Photoshoot Locations

When it comes to locations for photoshoots in Miami, you are basically presented with two options: Greenery OR Beach locations. Yes, there are definitely other options if you want to get creative; but, in general, these are probably the choices that will be most available to you.

Even if we don’t have the mountains, we can definitely find plenty of beauty in what Miami has to offer. Amazing parks full of greenery and the ocean are just a few of my personal favorites.

If you’ve even had a session with me, you’ll probably be familiar with one(or more) of the following locations 🙂

Before I dive into the list, here’s a few other things to consider if you are planning a photo session in Miami:

  • If shooting during the hotter months (May-October), try to schedule yours shoots as close to sunset/sunrise as you can. This will make for less sweaty faces, and just less stress overall. Who likes to be taking pictures out there while you feel like your entire body is about to melt? This is specially important if you have kids in your session. In case you didn’t know, uncomfortable kids do not make the greatest models. So, please, keep this in mind :).
  • If you want a shoot by the water/ocean, please consider a Sunrise Shoot. First, most beaches in Miami are probably pretty crowded in the afternoon/evening, and you don’t want to be fighting the crowds in the middle of your shoot. Second, the sun rises over the ocean in Miami. Imagine capturing your family with an ocean sunrise as the backdrop. Pure MAGIC.

Ok, now let’s move on to the list of locations:

  1. Enchanted Forest Park (North Miami): This one is at the top of my list because I absolutely LOVE it. The name alone is probably enough to convince you. This park is small enough that you won’t get lost looking for your photographer, and also big enough to create a semi-private setting. It is full of beautiful trees that offer just the right amount of shade but also, let in just the right amount of sunshine to really make your photos pop!

2. Wolf Lake Park (Davie): If you are looking for an amazing display of golden light during that golden hour (1 hour before sunset), then this is the place to be! You’ll be able to capture the gorgeous Miami sunset right behind you. Add to that, the beautiful lake that lies in the middle of the park, the amazing pine trees that surround it, the occasional horse you’ll spot walking around (kids love that!). You can’t really go wrong with this park. It offers amazing backdrops all throughout.

3. Tree tops Park (Davie): Another amazing park located in Davie, FL. This one, as the name implies, has an amazing display of tree tops that will make your photographs come to life even on a cloudy day. This park also has a small lake, and gorgeous Banyan trees that make a gorgeous backdrop specially during that golden hour 🙂

4. Matheson Hammocks Park (Coral Gables): This park offers a similar feel to that of ‘tree tops park’. However, this one offers the added bonus of a ‘beach’ backdrop all within the park. Take some greenery photos by the gorgeous trees, and then drive a few minutes to the beach area (by the the restaurant) to get some Beachy-vibe shots. The sunsets in this part of the park are spectacular offering an amazing display of golden light and palm trees. PERFECTION.

5. PineTree Park (Miami Beach): This is a small park in Miami Beach near 40th st. It is pretty small, and does not get very crowded ever. I like this park for small family sessions that don’t include more than 3-4 family members. There’s plenty of greenery, and a couple of banyan trees to make all your banyan trees dreams come alive 🙂

6. South Point Park/Beach (South Miami): This one is particularly a good choice if you decide to do a sunrise beach session. I don’t recommend it for later sessions because it will be VERY crowded. This is south beach, remember. But, if you manage to beat the crowds during a sunrise session, then you are in for some magical captures of amazing golden creamy sunrise light rising over the ocean. You also have the rocky pier, and the colorful lifeguard towers all around.

7. Haulover Beach (North Miami Beach): Another beautiful beach location offering plenty of Rocks and beach area to play with :).

8. Your home: I wouldn’t be a good lifestyle photographer if I didn’t mention your home as a photoshoot location. This locations is specially good for those families with little babes. Maybe it’s a brand new newborn or slightly older one. Maybe you just have really active/unpredictable toddlers that can be best contained inside their own home. Maybe you are just not feeling like getting everyone ready and then drive to another location. Maybe you want to stay in the comfort of your home. Whatever the reason, your home is always a good idea in my opinion! :). I looooove the intimacy it creates when capturing families, as well as the unique and raw moments that I have the opportunity to capture. In addition, such a setting can really set your photos apart from everyone else’s because only you have your home ;). I recommend this option specially during the Miami HOT summer months when being outside for too long with kids it’s really not ideal.

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