What to wear for your Photo Session: Miami Guide

Let’s face it. We all have struggled with this one. It’s probably the most asked question for all my sessions. Don’t panic, I have just the right advise for you. We’ll get through this together, I promise 🙂

Let’s start with the basics. Here’s a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Start with Mom’s outfit

I suggest you start with mom’s outfit. Once you pick mom’s outfit then you can build up from there. Think of it as building blocks :). My advise for moms is to wear a dress, and if you don’t like dresses then maybe a shirt/skirt combo. Opt for high quality fabrics (not t-shirt material) that photographs better. In short, choose something that is slightly dressier than your everyday look.

MiamiFamilyPhotoSession-17-1024x683(pp_w768_h512) What to wear for your Photo Session: Miami Guide

Coordinate, Don’t match

After selecting mom’s outfit color, picks 2-3 additional coordinating colors to use in everyone else’s outfits. Warmer colors (peach, cream, brown) can give your photos a soft glowing look, while bold and vivid colors (red, orange, greens, etc) will produce a sharper appearance with more contrast.

MiamiFamilyPhotoSession_Laura-7-683x1024(pp_w480_h719) What to wear for your Photo Session: Miami Guide


DO: Think layers!! Layers add dimension and depth to your images. You can get creative – a cardigan, a scarf, hat, etc. Add pieces to draw interest. But also, keep in mind this is Miami, so only add layers if it’s not super hot outside. You’ll regret it when you start sweating non-stop :).

DON’T: Wear clothing with writing or large logos. They draw away from the subject. Avoid neon colors – they typically don’t photograph well and can cast colors onto the subjects skin.

DO: Pick a pattern that you love and coordinate from there. Add texture by choosing items that have ruffles, buttons or other details that add interest.

DON’T: Mixing too many colors and patterns can be overwhelming.  Avoid too many competing colors. Keep it simple.

DO: Dress Comfortably. If your family is not dressed appropriately for the weather or is wearing something they’re not comfy in, the shoot won’t go well.

DON’T: Avoid ill fitting clothing. Resist the temptation to buy clothes your kids will grow into. Clothes that fit properly will photograph nicely and ensure your child is comfortable.


Old Navy: An affordable place to shop for the whole family. It’s easy to find simple patterns and solid colors.

H&M: Another affordable one stop shop, you’ll find plenty of neutral colors and easy to layer items for the whole family here.

Zara: One of my favorites! Super cute suspender outfits for little boys and tons of sweet dresses for girls. Perfect for kids outfits! Also affordable.

Boden: A little more pricey but great quality with clothing for both kids and adults. They have great clearance so be sure to check there first.

Target: I mean, who doesn’t love target?! You can find something for each family member.

Amazon: Yes, you can find super cute clothes in Amazon too and for a great price! This is specially useful when you don’t have much time before the session and make use of that 2 day shipping 🙂

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