How to take your kid’s portraits at home

It was the summer of 2020. That COVID summer right after the world shut down. We were all stuck at home with the kids, and no summer plans. Remember that? It was during those days when I got this urge to take their portraits, at home because why not?? :). Also, summers are extremely hot in South Florida, so, taking these portraits at home sounded like the perfect idea.

I wanted these portraits to capture their personality as much as possible. I knew I wanted to print them BIG, and to hang them on my walls. If you come to my house, you’ll see there’s pictures hanging everywhere! I feel a certain itch when I see a naked wall. So, my ‘go-to’ solution for that most of the time is: Print some pictures!! 🙂

So anyway, I wanted some neutral tones in the photos so that they would be timeless and would blend with the house decor. First step was selecting their outfits. My son’s outfit came from Nui Organics. They have gorgeous selections and we got lucky they were running a sale back then! :). My daughters outfit came from Zara.

Next step was selecting the backdrop. Again, I wanted some neutral colors, and I new I wanted a seamless backdrop to keep the look as ‘clean’ as possible. I headed to amazon for that. Here’s the one I picked: Savage Seamless Paper- Studio Grey in 53 inch x 18 ft. It was great for working with two kids, but if you have more than two, I would probably go with a bigger size.

Final step is to wait for a nice sunny day when your living room (or whatever area of your house gets the most natural light) is filled with gorgeous light. That sunny day came pretty quickly (we live in the Sunshine state after all)! I got them ready, set up the backdrop facing the biggest window and started to shoot! With the help of some of their favorites songs playing in the background, I got them to cooperate for a whole 10 minutes :).

Before I forget, If you want big prints and are doing black and white prints, you can get those printed as engineering prints from Staples! Super cheap option, probably around $10 per print :). You can’t beat that pricing for extra large B/W prints. In this case though, I wanted to print them in color. I printed them from my go to lab Mpix.

Ok, I’ll stop writing now. Check them out 🙂

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