Babymooning in Miami

Natasha and Delauno flew down from the big Apple to spend a much needed baby moon in beautiful (and always warmer) Miami.

I mean, how lucky are we (Miamanians? Miamians? anyone know the right term?) to live in a city that’s never too cold. I spent four years of College in Michigan, and a couple years in NYC, and let me just say: I was not made for cold weather. Nothing beats walking out of my house without having to carry 5lbs of extra clothing. Nope. I’m ok with my shorts, tank top, and flip flops. Everything else is optional :).

In any case, these two lovebirds picked Miami for their destination, and they picked me as their photographer (yay)!!

Because of their limited time in Miami, we settled for a sunrise session. I’m still not a morning person but I might get used to early mornings if I keep getting these kinds of shots and these kinds of clients. I mean, who looks this good at 6:30 in the morning??

In all seriousness though, these two were such a pleasure to photograph. Their genuine smiles, their easy going-ness, and their ability to just relax in front of my lens made for an unforgettable session. One I’m sure I’ll be oversharing for a long time.

Check out some of my favorite shots below 🙂

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