A Dreamy Miami Maternity Session at the Beach

I am not a morning person. I probably need about an hour before I can start processing things or even allow you to speak to me and look me in the eyes. You can ask my husband. It’s taken him years to finally understand this and stop trying to find out what is wrong or if I’m mad at him for some reason. No hun, this is just me every single morning. Get used to it :).

But, then there’s this magic that happens during sunrise for photographers. This gorgeous light and mood that make you go ‘uhhh’ and ‘ahhhh’ over an over again. So, I make an exception on this ‘no morning’ person, and I allow(or force) myself to not be her on sunrise photoshoot days :).

I met Janna through a facebook group of moms. She was looking for a photographer and I was looking for a client. We started talking, all our stars aligned, and soon enough we were planing her maternity photo session. Thank God for facebook groups. She couldn’t have been a more perfect client to this photographer trying to make a come back into the photo world after taking some time off to be with my youngest son (more on that on another post).

Anyway, on an early Saturday Morning, I met Janna and her gorgeous family at the popular south point park in south beach. We introduced ourselves, and it was magic from then on. The weather was perfect, their son Magnus was the most adorable (you’ll soon confirm that when you see pictures), and everything went on without a glitch. Yeah, we had the occasional toddler meltdown but I’ve gotten pretty used to those so I don’t get surprised or stressed by them :).

Ok, I’m going to stop writing now and leave you with these shots. Some of my favorites from this session. Enjoy!

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