A Mother-Daughter Photo Session at the Park

As a natural light photographer, my best friend and my greatest enemy is Mr. Weather. My sessions are dependent on weather, and I am often checking my weather app during those 48 hours before a session. Sometimes, sessions have to be postponed due to rain/storms, and even though it is not ideal, it is always worth it when we wait out for a perfect Miami day. They do come around quite often!

We had to re-schedule this Mother-Daughter Photo session several times due to rain. We made it happen on the third attempt, and wow, I am glad we waited for the perfect sunny day! The magical light that was falling all over this mother-daughter pair created some gorgeous imagery that I’m sure this mom will treasure forever :).

They had the sweetest chemistry and it completely shows up on the images! Check them out!

We did this session at ‘Pine Tree Park’ in Miami Beach. We took advantage of a few Banyan Trees around the park. I love shooting agains these trees! They make the perfect backdrop, and let just the right amount of sunlight in. We call the following set, the ‘dirty dancing sequence’. How adorable are they??!!

And more Banyan Tree Magic. Also, how adorable is this little girl’s dress?? I want one in my size!

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