Under The Sea/Ocean Animals – Kids activities at Home

OK, so here we go with Week 1! “Under the Sea”  AKA Ocean Animals.

Books we read:

Mister Seahorse
Commotion in the Ocean
Clumsy Crab
Rainbow Fish
The pout pout fish on the big big dark
A house for a hermit crab
Fish School
Little Shark
Way down deep in the deep blue sea

Songs we listened to:

“Under the sea” – Little mermaid (duh!)

Finding Nemo soundtrack (there’s a “finding nemo the musical” soundtrack that is amazing! My kids love it and know it by heart)

Baby Shark (also duh!)

Daily Activities:

Click on the activity title to be taken to the activity details.

Please Note: I have given credit to the original source where I got the activities from (If any). However, some of the activities were modified to meet our needs/resources :).

Day Activity Type
Monday Octopus Bead Counting Art/Counting
Monday Tissue Paper Seahorse Art
Monday Sponge fish target toss Gross motor
Tuesday Playdough Ocean Animals Art/Sensory
Tuesday Under the sea Stained Glass Art
Tuesday Seashell Dig Sensory Bin Sensory
Wednesday Paper bag jelly fish Art
Wednesday Frozen ocean Sensory
Thursday Paper Plate Jelly Fish Art
Friday Shaving Cream fish sensory exploration Sensory
Friday paper plate sting ray Art
Friday Hair gel sensory bag Sensory
Friday Ocean Sensory bottle Sensory

Octopus Bead Counting

Source Link: https://mrsplemonskindergarten.com/2017/05/tot-school-ocean.html

What you’ll Need: Paper Plate, beads, string, hole puncher, sticky eyes, paint

Description: This activity allows kids to use their motor skills and also their counting skills. It’s a win win :). Let kids paint the paper plate, count beads and place them on each tentacle whole, and glue the eyes.

Prep Work (if any):  Prep work is needed for little kids but older kids might be able to do all the presswork themselves 🙂

  1. Cut a paper plate in half
  2. Cut yarn/string
  3. Punch 8 holes and tie on yarn legs (AKA tentacles)
  4. For little kids you can write the numbers for each whole. For big kids, you can let me write the numbers and then add the beads


2 year old vs. 6 year old
Finished Product 🙂

Tissue Paper Seahorse

Source Link: https://mrsplemonskindergarten.com/2017/05/tot-school-ocean.html

What you’ll Need: Seahorse cutout, Tissue Paper, Glue, Foam Brush

Description: Use a foam brush to spread water down glue (mix glue and water) to the seahorse cut out. Then have kids place the tissue paper on to the seahorse.

Prep Work (if any):

  1. Cut out Seahorse shape
  2. Mix Glue and Water


Playdough Ocean Animals

Source Link: https://mrsplemonskindergarten.com/2017/05/tot-school-ocean.html

What you’ll Need: Playdough, Ocean Animal Cookie cutters, Beads for decoration

Description: Let kids cut out shapes on the play dough using the cookie cutters (Ie. Fish, sea star). Give them a bowl of beads to decorate. So simple yet so entertaining for the little ones.


Sponge Fish Target Toss

Source Link: https://mrsplemonskindergarten.com/2017/05/tot-school-ocean.html

What you’ll Need: Sponges, scissors, buckets, water

Description: Allow kids to throw their sponges aiming for the inside of a bucket full of water. Kids will also love playing with the sponges and the water after. Be sure to be prepared for water play. This activity is best done outdoors.

Prep Work:

  1. Cut out fish shapes on the sponges
  2. Fill buckets with water

Under The Sea Stained Glass

Source Link: https://mrsplemonskindergarten.com/2017/05/tot-school-ocean.html

What you’ll Need: Black construction paper, Contact paper, Tissue paper, tape, scissors

Description: Cut out two rectangles from the black construction paper (cut the inside of the rectangle out). Then cut out multiple ocean animal shapes from the construction paper (3-4 per kid). Finally, cut out the contact paper to match the size of your construction paper rectangles. Allow the kids to decorate their contact paper with tissue paper and then glue/tape everything together

Prep Work( if Any):

  1. Cut out 2 rectangles from black construction paper
  2. Cut out contact paper rectangle
  3. Draw and cut out animal shapes from construction paper
  4. Cut tissue paper in to little pieces


Seashell Dig Sensory Bin

Source Link: https://mrsplemonskindergarten.com/2017/05/tot-school-ocean.html

What you’ll Need: Bucket/Container, Sand, Seashells (you can buy sand and seashells from the dollar store!), kid’s tongs, digging tools like the ones that come with beach toys

Description: This one is pretty simple. Fill up the container with sand and throw/hide the seashells. Give the kids some tools to dig away. This will get messy so best to do it outside

Prep Work(If any):

  1. Fill bucket with sand
  2. hide seashells


Paper Bag Jelly Fish

Source Link: https://www.notimeforflashcards.com/2013/07/paper-bag-jellyfish-craft.html

What you’ll Need: Paper bag, paint, scissors, google eyes, glue

Description: Allow the kids to paint the bag first, then cut the bottom of the bag to reflect the jelly fish tentacles (or cut them yourself if they are still little and can’t work scissors yet). Finally, let them glue the eyes

Prep Work: None! Yay


Frozen Ocean

Source Link: N/A

What you’ll Need: Container, Water, Ocean animal figurines, food coloring, Pipetes (like the ones that come with medicine)

Description: Fill up a container with water and add food coloring (preferably blue for Ocean water), then add ocean animal figures. Freeze overnight. Allow kids to melt the frozen ocean using pipettes full of warm water. Kids will be so excited when they start to ‘free’ all the animals.

Prep Work:

  1. Freeze water container with animal figures inside (add food coloring if desired)


Shaving Cream Ocean Sensory Exploration

Source Link: N/A

What you’ll Need: Shaving cream, food coloring, ocean animal figurines

Description: This one very simple. Fill a container with shaving cream, then mix in blue food coloring. Place the animal figures inside and freeze overnight. Have the kids dig into the container and find the hidden animals. Great sensory experience for everyone. You can even have the kids do all the prep work too if you’d like.

Prep Work:

  1. Fill container with shaving cream and add blue food coloring
  2. Place/hide animal figures and freeze


Paper Plate Sting Ray

Source Link: https://www.theidearoom.net/ocean-crafts-treats/

What you’ll Need: Paper Plate (by this time you’ll realize all you need for a week full of crafts is paper plates), sponge paint brush, paint, construction paper, google eyes, glue

Description: Cut out tails made of construction paper. Allow kids to paint both the plate and the tails. Then with a different color, let the kids use sponge paint brushes to decorate their sting rays. Finally, let the kids glue the google eyes

Prep Work:

  1. Cut out sting ray tails


Hair Gel Sensory Bag

Source Link: N/A

What you’ll Need: Hair gel, beads, glitter, zip lock bag, good coloring

Description: This one is easy. Just grab a zip lock bag and fill with hair gel. let the kids fill it up with glitter, food coloring, and all the beads they want. Once done, I used tape to secure the opening of the bag to avoid any messes if kids try to open the bag

Prep Work: None

Photos: Couldn’t find any on my phone :(.

Ocean Sensory Bottle

Source Link: https://happytoddlerplaytime.com/ocean-sensory-bottle/

What you’ll Need: Plastic bottle, ocean stickers, glitter, water, baby oil, food coloring, sea creatures, seashells, funnel, measuring cup

Description: Allow the kids to use the stickers to decorate outside of the bottle. Then let them fill the bottle sea creatures, glitter, and seashells. Then have the kids add the water and baby oil (half and half) using a funnel. Add a few drops of blue food coloring. Close the containers and shake.

Prep Work: None


Ocean Graham Crackers Snack

Source Link: https://thefirstyearblog.com/under-the-sea-graham-crackers

What you’ll Need: Graham crackers, blue food coloring, cake frosting can, a bag of gold fish, kids knives, cake sprinkles

Description: Mix the food coloring with the frosting to create blue frosting (ocean color). Let the kids spread the frosting on the crackers using a knife. Use sprinkles and gold fish to decorate. Let them eat and expect a full on sugar rush 10 minutes later 🙂

Prep Work:

  1. Mix frosting with blue color


Paper Plate Fish

Source Link: N/A

What you’ll Need: Paper plate, tissue paper, glue, construction paper, google eyes

Description: Use watered down glue to glue the tissue paper on to the plate. Allow to dry. Then have kids glue the eye, fins, and tail. Some kids opted to add a tongue so feel free to do so :).

Prep Work:

  1. Cut out the plate to create the fish’s mouth in a triangle shape. This will become the fish’s tail
  2. Cut out fins and tongue from construction paper
  3. cut Tissue paper into small squares


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